What could managers learn from parents?


It has often been my observation that most people’s only role model for their first management job is a parent or a manager they have had in the past.

They then copy what they liked about that person and do the opposite of the things they didn’t like.  I have never thought that was a good idea.

Now according to Curious Minds Magazine psychologists at Harvard have uncovered 5 things that parents do to raise ‘good’ kids.

You can find the piece here but in a nutshell the five are:

  • Spend quality time with them
  • Be a strong moral role model
  • Teach them to care for others and set high expectations
  • Have them practice appreciation and gratitude
  • Get them to see the big picture.

So what would the world of work be like if every manager set out to only have ‘good’ people working with them, by applying those five principles?

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