Leadership and Team Development


Developing real leaders, inside and outside the boardroom.

If a business is to become and stay successful it must be agile, adaptable and imaginative. And the lifeblood of this agility is real life leadership: senior executives who can make great decisions and win the enthusiasm of all around them. Effective leadership can be taught. Alan has a clear, research-based methodology for bringing about leadership change and improvement, right up to boardroom level. He delivers end-to-end identification, development and retention of leadership talent, using:

  • Properly researched frameworks that identify high performing leaders
  • Well validated methods for assessing development needs
  • External data to benchmark leadership development against other industries
  • A clear way of identifying those with particular leadership potential
  • A multiplicity of leadership training and development options to build leaders’ skills, including skills-based workshops, action learning, behavioural development, coaching, and discovery-based learning.

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