I’m passionate about leadership, change and delivering sustainable results.

AJS in jacket cropped V2My journey into leadership started early. At the age of nine I led a sit-down strike on a football field, to be allowed to play rugby. By the time I headed up an international sales operation I had learned a lot more. Most of it about the importance of helping others develop their skills and abilities. That may be why these days I am often asked to get involved with people who are resistant to change, or critical of what they are being asked to do, but whose co-operation is vital to deliver high stakes projects.

My early work experiences left me with a passion for business and a business brain – an ability to get to the critical issues quickly while understanding the challenges facing individual leaders and leadership teams.

Since then I have designed and led interventions all around the world (having sailed around it as well in the meantime). I have been lucky enough to work with CEOs and top teams in virtually every walk of life.

My great enthusiasm at the moment is to promote self-directed learning and career planning in organisations, helping people to combine personal and career development in a purpose-led way