Bottom to Top Leadership at Somerset County Cricket Club

somerset-cccSomerset were in trouble. A policy of moving senior players on to make way for younger but less experienced cricketers had unbalanced the squad. Results were poor, with the team finishing bottom of the lower of the two leagues in the 4-day game and producing no worthwhile results in the other two disciplines contested by County Cricket Clubs. Recrimination and blame had taken hold and morale was at rock bottom.

Applying the same workshop techniques Alan had honed in business he helped to create a ‘one team’ environment extending beyond the playing squad to all leadership or management roles in the club. With the playing squad Alan worked very specifically on high performance behaviours, both in terms of playing the game at the highest professional level, becoming a high performing team, and extending leadership to the rest of the club.

Somerset won League Division 2 the following year and were promoted. The year after, they finished runners-up in the top division and went on to become high achievers in both forms of the 1-day game as well. The Elite Performance Behaviours Alan devised with the team continue to be used at the club.