Leadership Transformation – Pharmaceuticals

This world leader in the pharmaceutical industry with 105,000 employees operating in more than 100 countries turned to Alan Sears when changes in health service procurement globally, patent expiration, budget constraints, the promise of gene therapies, the challenges of emerging countries all mandated a new strategy.

With sponsorship from the CEO, the Global Leadership and Learning Centre championed the implementation of a core transformation project, to create a new company culture based on greater cross-boundary working and cooperation, empowerment with accountability, and on developing people and the organisation. A new set of values and a new managerial model, underpinned the changes – all with the aim of delivering the new strategy.

The solution – the Accelerate Programme involved co-creation and delivery of a comprehensive leadership development programme for 250 top leaders working in cohorts just below the global Board which rolled out over an 18 month period. Key aims were:

  • To develop those taking part to be role models for the new company competencies and behaviours
  • To align leaders with the new company culture in order to execute the company strategy
  • To support them in developing and maintaining high performance teams working in a matrixed environment.

Key business simulations, mapped onto specific company challenges enabled participants to try out and adopt new behaviours. Video case studies focused on best practices in matrix working, and distance coaching, offered on demand as a follow up option, meant that individuals could receive tailored support for local initiatives in a timely and cost effective manner.

Outcomes: For many the need for culture change became strongly evident from the programme. People took inspiration from different parts of the programme, stimulating a huge variety of different follow up activities all designed to meet local needs. Armed with tools and techniques for culture change – case histories, guides to culture change and matrix working, tools for improving team working – senior leaders returned to their operations equipped to make real and practical change happen.